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Dallas, Tx

Joel and Amie Stockstill 



Joel + Amie have a passion to reach a new generation with the message of holiness and discipleship. Together they continue to serve and empower leaders through genuine relationship and authentic, Biblical ministry.


*  Joel + Amie met in Joel's youth group where Amie attended for 8 years! 

* Joel is a 4th generation preacher

* Amie graduated LSU (Geaux Tigers!) with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design

* Joel's social media handle @hippofloat comes from Job 40:15-24 NLT

* Amie is an identical twin, she is a girl, and yes they look exactly alike

* Joel's middle name is Ernest : ) 

* Amie was the coordinator for a middle school club and helped disciple hundreds of young girls

* Joel + Amie were married Sept. 4, 2010

* Joel + Amie love card games (we will take you on in Spades anytime)