don't leave your story untold. write now.

Manuscript coaching to take your dream to reality. 



Are you ready accomplish your dream of writing a book? Need a helping hand to coach you through the process? Ready to realize your dream of actually finishing that manuscript you have been obsessing over? 

  • I know what it is like to spend 5 years “wandering in the writing wilderness”. After researching this subject, talking to several bestseller authors, and writing 300 blogs, I developed a writing blueprint that works every time to deliver a great manuscript in the shortest amount of time. 
  • After developing this blueprint, I was able to write 5 manuscripts in 5 years. 

Don’t leave your story untold! Just think, 6 months from now you could have what you have right now (nothing) or you could be holding a finished manuscript that is ready for publishing or print. 

Get started today and enjoy these benefits:

  • Connect with a real person who has real experience 
  • Develop a solid structure for your manuscript
  • Get around the classic mistakes that hold back first time writers 
  • Receive coaching on how to craft your personalized writing calendar
  • Learn the secrets to finishing your manuscript on a 3-6 month timeline
  • Discover the art to editing that will skyrocket readability